Your excellencies The Jourist of English Speech Contest

Dear honored all my lovely audiences

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

In the name of Allah, the beneficent and the merciful god. All praises be to Allah for he has bestowed us abundant mercies. So due to those we are able to attend this peaceful meeting.

Furthermore, we are as muslim, let’s send our peace and salutation to our noble character. He is an idol all of muslim, But he is not an actor too. He is our prophet Muhammad SAW. He is Allah’s messenger who has brought us from the darkness into the lightness of Islam.

Well, before I’m going to deliver my speech allow me please to introduce myself in front of you all. My name is Khairul Fajri Syadzilli as the delegation of Daar el Qolam. I never forget to thank the jourist who has given me the opportunity so that I can deliver my speech in front of you all. I desire to preach a sermon under the title:

“ The Danger of Drug for Our Young Generation”

At the present time we know that our nation is getting very serious problem regarding with our young generation. The problem that makes parents feel sad, teachers afraid, and government confused. This really dangerous problem is the misuse of drug by our young generation. Almost everytime we get information both in the printing or electronic media that the condition of our young generation is getting worse. For example, we have ever listened about the accident in Tugu Tani, Jakarta. And apparently, the cause of this accident is the driver whom consume drug or some adolences are arrested because they make a party of drug. Even some report said that many of them become not only the consumer but also the distributor. And ironically, the such phenomena is not something strange anymore. It’s a common thing!

My audiences..

The government have declaed misuse of drug as a national danger that must be anticipated and eliminated completely by everyone.this means that all people must participate to prevent and overcome every problem related by the misuse of drug. Young generation are the nation’s expectation, it is in their shoulders the future of this nation is putted. Therefore, in this very nice occasion I would like to invite you all especially young generation”Let say no to drug! Don’t let it destroy our nation!.

Allah stated in holy Qur’an QS Al – Baqarah verse 90.

تُفْلِحُونَ لَعَلَّكُمْ فَاجْتَنِبُوهُ الشَّيْطَانِ عَمَلِ مِنْ رِجْسٌ وَالْأَزْلَامُ وَالْأَنْصَابُ وَالْمَيْسِرُ الْخَمْرُ إِنَّمَا آمَنُوا الَّذِينَ أَيُّهَايَا

Drug is a cool blooded killer that is going to kill anyone gradually. It will be began from physical damage such the death of nerve, the function of body, into the moral decadence. For students drug will make them lose the spirit to study. But for men drug will make them lazy to work. Both student and man will only be a dreamer who have high fantasy about the life happiness. They usually spend a lot of money just to get a temporary happiness. They think that by taking drug to be consumed they have got everything. What a pity they are!

My beloved audiences..

Some researches also have proved that person who ever consumed drug will be difficult to get some concentration because some of his nerve of brain have been damaged. And when the brain doesn’t have function so it is not different between men and animals. Beside that, the moral decadence caused by drug abuser will be also felt by the other, like family or society. Okay I ‘m going to explain you the negative effect of drug one by one in detail.

First, the negative effect for the consumers or abusers. The drug abuser usually become depressed, easy to be angry and lost of life spirit. In his daily life he will be a careless man with everything. He doesn’t have any motivation to do something useful for his own life such as studying and working. Second, the negative effect for family. The drug abuser will be a troublemaker in the family who often angry to everyone including to his mother and father. He doesn’t have any sense of respect to them anymore. Even, there was one case said that drug abuser ever killed a family because he was not given money to buy drug. They have never brought quit and peace in the home. Finally, all members of family will hold a shame. Oh my God! Third, the negative effect for society. Drug abuser will become scum of society by doing immoral action. He doesn’t know any norm anymore, he is alive for his own world. Many of them become tramp, thief and burglar ho always make the society unrest. What can be expected from the such generation?

In the end of my speech, I’d like to give you some conclusions:

1. The conclusion of our young generation is getting danger because of drug abuser.

2. Drug is a cool blooded killer that will destroy the future of everybody.

3. The negative effect of the misuse of drug will not only come to the abuser but also family and society.

4. Let’s say no to drug and don’t let it destroy our future!

Due to the limited time, I think I would stop my speech. Thanks for your full attention and I beg your pardon for my mistake. Because perfectness is just belonged to Allah and the flaws is just belonged to us. Hope we can meet in another occasion, and the last I say you..


السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته


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