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Honorable all the competitor of this great competition

Dear gentleman whom I respect

Assalaamualaikum wr.wb

All praise be to Allah the almighty, who has bestowed us his mercy and his blessing until we can attend this great competition without any obstacle.

Salvation and salutation be upon to our beloved prophet Muhammad saw, who has brought us from the bad way the good way and all his companions who strives in Allah religion.

In this good time and great opportunity allow me please to introduce myself, my name is Farhan as the representative of lion team Daar El-Qolam, and I would like to take this great opportunity to deliver my speech entitled:

The role of scout movement in the middle of Indonesians affair in this globalization era

dear all gentleman!

Indonesians scout movement is the one of non formal organization to manage the education of scout in Indonesia. And do you know? That the word of “scouting” has the meaning that the youngster who always create much creation. Besides the mean of scout movement is the education process in the out of family and school environment with many interesting, satisfying, in the good order and practical activities. Those are done in natural environment base on principle and scouting education by the purpose to create the noble and the independent youngster in this globalization era.

If we relate the problem of the youngster in this modern era, especially2 In the 21 century era, the development and the increasing of high technology and information on the liberalism and economic, that has given the negative ones for the youngsters on today. And all of those have given us a lot of challenge and change for their ideology, politic, economic, social and culture

All my beloved audiences!

Those all give the negative influence into the youth intercourse in the daily life. and nowadays it leads toward free sex, pornographic, violence and etc. we can look at an example of the drugs which causes death of 12000 youth on senior high school in Jakarta. Of course it has brought the negative influence for Indonesian youngster. And my opinion this on case that it must be paid attention seriously by an stakeholders of this country, like government, citizen and especially Indonesian youngster.

of those problem must be resolving by the character learning to teach the real education for the youth intercourse on today . once of it is scout movement. The presence of scout movement is the education place for the children and the teenager in the out of their family and their school environment. We hope problem solving of the difficult problem of that can be resolving many problematical from the youth in this universe. Because as we knew that in the scout movement that has many interesting activities, satisfying, in the good order and practical. That can give the positive thing for the youth in this universe. And which has done in natural environment that can combine the youth with the nature. By the base principle of scout method and the final destination of it is to create the noble and the independent youngster. And remember by the scout movement it can create the creativity and the independent to make the carefully youngster for this life by the responsible and the confident young to make our beloved culture Indonesia is independent for the better future. And so by the norm and the value of citizen that can increase our mentality, spiritual, emotional, physical, and our social. And from of those positive example must be opening our mind that scout movement is the complement education for the youngster in their life.

My beloved audiences!

Let me give an example for you in the some village at 17 of march in front of jambis government square, in the parade and the twilight degree of scout movement. Which has performance by the special necessity children. Thy perform the creativity of their aim, they try to mention the sign language from A-Z following by the sing language. And by that sign language they able to introduce their selves, mention the scout law without text and reading poetry about scout movement. A glance, it heard as the regular, then is very general. But it become different and more special when hat action performance by the special necessity children. Like the deaf, the blind and the illiterate on the elementary school.

The action that performance by the that special necessity children was train and educated by scouting. In the fact it become one the proof that scout movement has given the positive thing for the special necessity children to create the creativity and the achievement for their live.

Dear gentlemen!

Now we live in globalization era. It is indeed so the development of period by the knowledge and the knowledge has brought us many positive impact and the negative one. There for let me suggest you all that scout movement become one of place that can strain and filter the negative influence from the modern era. And the scout movement is one place that can create the independent and the noble youngster for our life.

All my beloved audiences!

This is enough from me, I hope that you have understood my speech well. Let me take conclude before I ending my speech that we have our obligation to save and increase a lot of development high technology and information, the challenge and the problem will attend on the life of youngster on today, but it can be resolving by our selves and the scout education. Finally, thanks for you good attention to me if you found any mistake from me pardon me juries and all audiences because no body perfect in this life and for the last my speech I say

Wassalaamulaikum wr.wb

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